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Experience the Power of God at Work in Montreal
Dannelle Rose Buenacasa

“People need to see signs and wonders, not religious talk…they need to experience more of the Power of God and more miracles.”  These are the words of Gennady Livshits, founder of House of David Ministries.  His television program, “House of David Presents” and Canada-wide conferences show his audiences just that: the Power of God at work.


A Messianic Jew, Mr. Livshits has a passion for sharing Yeshua (Jesus), his Saviour, with his people, and his mandate is to bring Jews and Gentiles together.  “Jewish people are being reached poorly,” he laments. “Too much emphasis has been placed on humanitarian aid --which is good-- but they need to be approached with the reality of the true God of the Old Testament Power.” 


His hope is that his television program, seen on Vision TV and the Miracle Channel, will open his viewers’ eyes to this reality.  Mr. Livshits came to know the Lord from a personal witness of deliverance.  He and his wife came from Russia to Canada as atheistic Jews.  God brought people into their path to witness to them.  “After a year I asked God if this is true,” Mr. Livshits relates, “and I saw visions…and came to know the Lord.”  That was in 1985.  Now besides his television broadcasts, he also organizes and speaks at conferences.  Having already held one in Montreal, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, his dream is to have one in every major Canadian city. 


On May 30th and 31st, he will be speaking at his second Montreal conference, the Miracle Working Power of God Conference This year his son Larry will be speaking on the Tabernacle and its symbolism, and how that relates to Christianity.  Larry Livshits expects to see a genuine interest in a subject that is not often preached on.  Also at the conference will be talented Messianic Jewish musician and Messianic music pioneer, Joel Chernoff.  Mr. Chernoff has been lead singer and song writer for the music group “Lamb” for 20 years.


You are greatly encouraged to come experience the Presence and Power of God when Jews and Gentiles are together at the Miracle Working Power of God Conference this week in Montreal.  The conference will start Friday at 7:00pm.  The next session will be Saturday morning at 10 until noon, and will wrap up at 6:30pm.  Tickets are $50; children under 18 are free.  For more information and reservations, please call 1-866-698-1530, e-mail, or visit



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Dannelle Rose BuenacasaDannelle Rose Buenacasa is a national freelance writer for The Trumpeter in Montreal, Canada. She also freelances as a photographer and writer for a local newspaper covering features and events.